Recycling, Up-cycling, Sustainability, and All that Trash

Yesterday I got a survey email from my school in an effort toward its sustainability attempts. It wanted to know how the people coming to school commute, and how much they think about the environmental effects their commute habits have, and how much they care about it. As I was reading it, I knew I was going to take the survey. (I realize the importance of surveys, and I take them sincerely when I take them.) In the end, it said that it would put us in a raffle to win something, and it was in bold and underlined.

As I was filling up the answers to the questions, I thought – why did they put the raffle thing? Would it be to avoid unbiased responses, so that only people who care about their environment do not take the survey, but others do too? If I cared about the environment, I should not be caring about the raffle. If I do care only about the raffle, my response should either be honest (who gives a damn) or it should be guilt-ridden (yeah…you know, I love my environment).

The catch was, they did not include us in the raffle automatically. If we wished to be part of it, we had to enter our email ID in the end. Hell why not include it! (May be it was a technical entailment.)

Anyway, tonight, in my class we discussed a lot of this stuff, and there were bubbles inside my head, outside my head. The bubble that kept floating boiled down to sincerity and music. Let’s all believe that all that I have talked about can be put together, and just watch this –