Yoma Myanmar

Yoma Myanmar is a Burmese restaurant in Brighton, Boston. I had been eyeing that place, especially after hearing the name a couple times from a friend. It is a small paradise. Restaurants like these, that make you want to go to their place of origin, give you a priceless experience. I did not have a full-fledged dinner, but here’s what:

As I called for Rangoon Tea and Mountain Spice Samosa, I started looking around. The walls had beautiful tapestry, extremely beautiful! Here are some:

20141005_184857 20141005_185107 20141005_190747 20141005_190758 20141005_190805

Sorry about the picture quality; there were customers around and I did not want to make them feel uncomfortable, so I just quickly clicked the pictures. They are much more beautiful than what they look like here.

Rangoon tea and samosas were soulful.  Also, their menus are completely separate pages for vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Wow! Just, wow! The walls also had pictures of Mount Popa and other Pagodas. I am going to plan a trip to Myanmar, not just to see these beautiful places, but to know what must have caused some heinous atrocities in some place so beautiful. Until then, I am going to visit Yoma Myanmar often for their awesome food.


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