A Colourful World

Lavender, emerald, scarlet, brick red, ochre yellow, powder pink, vanilla white. Questions? Okay, let me try to get there.

Amethyst, eggplant, fuchsia, indigo, orchid, violet. Olive, teal, sea green, jade, moss green. Salmon, coral pink, scarlet red, vermillion, rust, beige, pearl, shell, vanilla. It never ends, does it? I am sorry if you are a guy reading this.


(flicked from the internet)

Well, I have loved playing with colours ever since I can remember. When I was four years old, my KG teacher told my mom that I knew about colour coordination, and I never really let the crayon colours get out of lines. I drew quite well for my age, she told my mom. My mom, as always, thought that the teacher was exaggerating. Anyway, I have loved colours, always. All the colours. I would not want the world to be in any one colour. Not even shades of red, which I am highly biased toward. Or blue, which was my favourite colour for a long time. The world has got to be colourful, exactly the way it is right now.

Colours affect moods, they affect a lot of things. But who had the least of the ideas, that it would one day become a thing of research, and marketing. I do not like the fact that there are researchers sitting there, predicting the colours for the coming years, forecasting them. Fashion industry and nowadays other industries too, thrive on that. They define colours for people (especially women), and tell them what they should be wearing – this Fall cannot be without, must-haves for this Spring, this Summer you wardrobe is missing… Take a break there please! Trends are set up, and emails are designed. Mannequins are dressed up, and girls are dolled up. They all look the same. So much for colours, colours, and colours.

A boy does not have so many woes, thankfully. The reason is, he simply cannot understand the difference between brick red and rusty red. Good for him. No kidding there. Once my guy friend bought a hoodie exactly similar to what he was wearing when he bought it. He realized that only when he reached home, and then he got it exchanged. He was glad that Macy’s asks no questions upon returning stuff.

A girl, on the other hand, sees colours everywhere. The colour of the cake, the icing, the pie, the curry, etc., let alone clothes. She will know if that other girl has worn the same sweater or not (same pattern, slightly different colours). A whole new market for the marketers. Phew!

Let the girls wear what they want to. Let them paint their nails and lips the way they would like it. Give them the shades, and let them do whatever they want to. If you really want to be a good marketer, customize the colours for them, as they would want it. May be, the world will then become a little more colourful.

PS: With all due respect to some boys, who understand colours too 😉 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfbBqBOSXlU


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