Divine Chocolates

I used to love chocolates. My love for them dwindled with time. Especially after coming to the US; American candies are too sweet for my taste. If you like cocoa chocolates, the best option is to go for the artisanal ones. Also, my love for hot chocolate went downhill after repeatedly drinking them from stupid coffee shops and drink-dispensing machines in the office. It all changed last evening, when my colleague took me to this chocolate haven (you may call it heaven too), L.A. Burdick.

In Boston, it’s a small chocolate shop selling a wide variety of freshly-made chocolates. They look good, and they are packaged beautifully. They are highly priced too. But trust me, those chocolates need to be treated just the way these guys treat them. We picked hazelnut, caramel, and praline croquant from the assortment of tiny chocolates. All you have to do to know what “heaven in mouth” feels like is pop them in. I looked up, closed my eyes, and went “mmmm…”

Next, their hot chocolate. I called for milk drinking chocolate. My colleague called for dark drinking chocolate. We were given our waiting number written on cocoa shell! I have been feeling under the weather, and it was gone for the next two hours, after drinking this delightful potion. I am not exaggerating.

They have chocolates for various seasons and festivals. They have something called as chocolate mice and chocolate penguins too. Really cute stuff, and I would never have the heart to eat them. Here is a picture, which I have picked from their website :


I strongly urge all the chocolate lovers, ex-chocolate lovers, and chocolate haters to give Burdick’s a sincere try!

Their Boston address is 52 Brattle St, Cambridge MA 02138.


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