Every blogger has some selfish interests behind their blog. No kidding. Here are mine:

1. Most things in the world today are a plea for attention. To put it subtly, the world is a marketplace, and everyone is trying to sell something. At least, that is how I see it. I enjoy being a part of this marketplace. I enjoy watching, opining, screaming, smiling, buying, frowning, etc. This blog is just a part of my role. It’s my attempt at sharing what I see, what I perceive.

2. Some people, like me, are hyperactive; even the smallest amount of caffeine in decaf coffee is enough to keep them up at 4:00 am in the night and write the About page for a blog. I need to speak, always, and the blog’s name will be an eternal proof for that. I tried for whatsinaname, but it has been taken up by someone who actually cares about names.

3. If someone has cared to read any article post, I would be grateful to them beyond limit if they care to care a little more, and say something. I love opinions, ideas, thoughts, arguments, and not just my own. There are fountainheads all around; learning can never become an overdose for me.

4. It’s easier than writing a book, and getting it published. Not that I have tried.

5. I think that is it. Thanks 🙂

6. Well, that’s not it. As an update, I will be writing about more things around me, than just about the world as a marketplace. 

PS: Please do not flick images or write-ups from this blog. If I use someone else’s work, I will give them their due citational credit. Some images used may be free for public use at the artist’s discretion (downloaded from photo distribution websites).




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