The Language of Aliens is Bhojpuri

I am not sure if I have got your attention, but I tried. There are other ways to get attention – like standing nude with a perfect body, by just covering your vital organs with a quirky radio. After you have got the attention, you can give your message. Or a horde of messages.

I am not sure if you still got my attention, but I really tried. PK gets your attention very well with this.


Any Aamir Khan fan, or a die-hard ex-fan (like me), got the attention, in either good ways, or bad ways. The movie loses no time in what it wants to talk about – it wants to talk about everything that’s going wrong. Everything. There’s no particular message, but it’s a medley of degraded human behaviours, especially the humans of India. Bribery. Wearing helmet when riding a bike. Ticket for black. Peeing in public. Showing the warmth of prostitutes. Bogus news. Stealing. No value for Gandhi if it’s not on currency note. India vs Pakistan. Religion. Et cetera. All the issues are picked up together and tied very loosely. Even if you decide to keep aside your brain, and watch it, you cannot really do that. Because the movie wants to force you to think. When I was forced to think, I thought about these things:

  1. It’s almost like an overwhelming projection of Satyamev Jayate
  2. Aamir, and Vidhu Vinod Chopra want to use art for a cause, and I respect that. They use the right techniques, for the right audience. But you could have tried not to mix all the things, and also introduce a love triangle.
  3. Why Rajasthan, and so many colours? You seem to be very ambitious with your audience, and you definitely want to try to get nominated for the Oscars.
  4. Why the bombing scene? Really, why?
  5. I was expecting a really good debate between Tapasvi Maharaj and PK. I was all pumped up for the scene. It was a true anticlimax, with what they showed. It beat logic in every way possible, and killed a great platform for what could have been a great debate.
  6. Why alien, I thought. I got a range of ideas – they did not want to be left behind with all the sci-fi movies getting all the attention, they wanted to extend their target audience to aliens, etc. But then I realized, that it was indeed a smart move. Talking about religion, and challenging sticky old beliefs needs guts. Lots of it. With smartness. You cannot challenge blind believers by calling them stupid, and their beliefs dumb. PK, an alien, is a blank slate. He has no clue what religion is. He is innocent and cannot see until the end that Tapasvi is a cheat. Like the fellow believers. He challenges everything innocently, without knowing what he is doing. Very very smart approach.

All in all, I am not impressed with the movie. Boman Irani is wasted as an actor, by reducing his presence to mere suit with PJs and chappals, and a Trishul mark on his left bum. Saurabh Shukla’s potential is not fully utilized either. Sanjay Dutt seems fine. Anushka Sharma’s acting would have got noticed, had she not injected her lips that covered most part of the screen. Almost everything screamed for attention in the movie. When someone tries hard to be quirky, it shows. In not such a good way. Also, I don’t think the movie did a good job challenging people’s beliefs, if that was the core objective of the movie. The only thing I appreciate is the guts. Vidhu Vinod Chopra seems to have given away the reigns in Aamir’s hands, succumbing. Aamir? He continues to disappoint. It seems like a point of no return to me.