Fashion vs Funtion

Today, while waiting for my bus I saw a man with his man bag. I am not the one who makes fun of metrosexual men, but the straps of his man bag fell off his shoulder twice within a minute. Handbags are extremely uncomfortable, especially if the straps are short, hard, and the bag is heavy. They can cause extreme discomfort, however you choose to hold them. Sporting/using uncomfortable stuff to strut and be in-line with fashion is majorly a woman’s forté, though.


The higher they are, the longer your legs look. The pointier they are, the saucier the get-up. She is a real woman if she can sport the highest stilletos. Do you think that she really is comfortable in those shoes? High heels cause all sorts of feet problems ranging from nerve damage, arthritis, stress, in-grown nails, to embarrassing falls. The whole fact that a woman has to train to walk in them says that it is unnatural. But women continue to wear them. If that’s the Prada you wear, you got to be a devil. Proof:


(Fake) long nails make women incapable of going on about daily activities normally, let alone strum a guitar like a rock star


Probably takes his breath away, but literally takes away hers


Thongs can still leave a lot for imagination if you think about the discomfort

A little less extreme, before I sign off:


Balm is round in shape, and as one can guess, it flattens out as you keep applying it. Not a good design, if you ask me. Pretty? Sure.


They are extremely cute, but I think they will damage my jewelry, if I do not manage to maneuver my way through


PS: The images have been taken off various websites, and none are clicked by me, except for the last .gif one