Snack Time

Many months ago, I was spending time on the internet aimlessly. At that point, I was extremely hungry too. I don’t know if it was sheer genius of some algorithm or plain coincidence, but I somehow reached the website of NatureBox. I drooled a lot and then signed up for a box of snacks to be delivered at the doorstep of my house. Of course, it was not going to cure my hunger that evening, and I settled with it being mere coincidence. I knew how to control my mind! Pfft! I reached home, prepared my dinner, and ate it. That’s when I thought that what I had met earlier that evening was an algorithm, and not a coincidence. I did not bother much, because the first box was going to be free of cost anyway. Wow!

After about two months, I unsubscribed from NatureBox.

Two days ago, I was aimlessly going from point A to point M on the internet, and was hungry while doing so. I came across Graze. Either I am almost always hungry or these guys have some great ideas about how and when to advertise their products.

With NatureBox, one can customize their box (even the first one that is for free), which gets delivered once every month. There is a five-snack box to munch on with three different payment options – $19.95 being the cheapest (the price changes with the number of months that you subscribe for). I found out that though the snacks are healthy, I did not really ever finish them (I finished the tastiest ones though), and also that I could not afford it.

Graze helps you with customization too, but not so much. Their box rates are more flexible though, with the cheapest being priced at $6.99 (the price changes with the size of the box). Also, they have delivery frequencies of either once/week or once/two weeks. I stopped my subscription to Graze too, because I found them to be more controlling with the snacks that I can choose for myself. Also, though $6.99 sounds like it is cheap, that one box was finished by me within two days, and if I order once/week, it will turn out to be more expensive than NatureBox.

I have to agree though, that these are great subscriptions to have, especially if you like to munch on healthy snacks every once in a while, and need to have a variety without it going to waste. These are nicely-packaged small boxes (both NatureBox and Graze), and you don’t waste much if you don’t like something, especially if you have picked your own snacks. You also get to rate these snacks.

I was especially impressed with the un-subscription process of Graze. It’s not a one-step process, but very interactive, and has a great personalized touch to it. I don’t think they could have done anything better to make people think twice before unsubscribing. Here’s are some screenshots:


First Step of Unsubscription

graze 2

What Happens When You Hover over the Green Button

graze 3

They Aren’t So Keen on Letting You Go

graze 4

This Is How They Finally Say Their Goodbye