Chef – A Review

“Chef” dices, minces, simmers, greases, and serves it to you on a warm plate.

Jon Favreau’s Chef has the recipe to satisfy your craving for a nice movie. A really really nice movie. I started watching it with a friend yesterday morning, but his girlfriend came to pick him up and he had to leave. We were about fifteen minutes into the movie. I stopped it, and went for a haircut.

I watched the rest of it today. Now while you are watching, you can predict some things and they come out right that way. But all the shows and movies and stories have become so exceedingly fake that we want to predict things, and find out the brilliant ingenuity behind the plots. Well, you cannot go far with that kind of guessing in this movie, because there is nothing to guess. There are no hidden surprises, no bolts, no awakenings or revelations. It’s a simple movie, with great actors, and a sweet story. They have also thrown in some quick recipes that you can watch and make yourself. No kidding.


It’s about passion, frustration, irritation, relationships, social media, food, places, etc. It’s cute how Carl says “twitter” instead of “tweet”. It’s so exact with respect to how critics care more about their words than what they are critiquing. Emjay Anthony is a natural actor. Just brilliant as Percy. You just want him to grow up and keep acting in some amazing movies. Well, I do. I am glad Scarlett Johansson does what she does in all the movies – not act much but just be around like an eye candy. Her role is required, when you think about it. Sofia Vergara plays her role perfectly as Inez. I also like this John Leguizamo guy a lot, playing Martin. Robert Downey Jr. and Russell Peters come and go breezily, giving us some moments of laughter.

The part where Percy records one second video everyday reminded me to record one without fail. I have this pact with some friends where we have to record a second long video every day, until whenever.

I don’t want to say anything more about the movie. Just go ahead and watch it. It will leave an aftertaste that’s pleasant, and a smile on your face. Let me throw in a song for you though

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